Analogy from the Movie, Moneyball: The problem we're trying to solve is that there are rich teams (Public), and there are poor teams (Extra). Then there's fifty feet of crap, and then there's us. It's an unfair game. And now we've been gutted. We're like organ donors for the rich. Boston's (Extra) taken our kidneys; Yankees (Public) have taken our hearts. And you guys just sit around talking the same old 'good body' nonsense like we're selling jeans. Like we're looking for Fabio. We've got to think differently. We are the last dog at the bowl. You see what happens to the runt of the litter? He dies. It's not about the size of the storage space nor is it about features and benefits... It's about one thing in this internet world... It's about the 'Google' search, the price, the DEAL, the CALL, and it's conversion!  Welcome to Storage Moneyball
  • ILead utilizes PPC top positioning presence to pre-sell your storage offer to the searching public. Your staff is trained in closing the call inquiry, with ongoing call presentation scoring analysis of staff members. A true team effort of Coaches and Players.

    Google and Bing Search Auction Details reports, measure ad performance versus the (Public) (Extra) REITS and local competitors. These illuminating reports, call volume sourcing reports, and your staff's quality assurance assessment reports, will be sent to you monthly.

     1. Unprecedented Market Share
    2. Top Level Positioning on Google Bing searches. Calls not Clicks!
    3. Spring Training Camp: Learn the true 'Art' of Closing Rental Presentations

    4. Take the Art of Closing Rentals to new heights, with ongoing call presentation scoring analysis of staff members.

  • Every Lead, Every Call, Every Quality Assurance, is monitored for success.
    Every Lead, Every Call, Every Conversion translates to increased Occupancy and enormous Asset Value.

    Palm Desert - Proven results in this tremendous success story. September, 2012, iLead took over marketing the facility. Initial occupancy was 56% at start of assignment after facility audit. Sold 23 net plus spaces per month to achieve income goal and refinance in October 2013 at 88% occupancy. The value in August, 2012 was 4.2 million. The value at refinance was 6.0 million. We continued driving occupancy with PPC domination and in conjunction with the Moneyball Rapid Refill Rent Increase Program in August, 2014 the facility sold for 10.6 m. Click on Testimonials above.

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  • Our Call-Tracking Platform ensures the quality of the closing effort made by the site staff. Your staff will soon be outmaneuvering the call centers of the (Public) (Extra) REITS and your competitors.

    No one beats iLead on the phones.

    1. Quality Assurance Call Monitoring
    2. Web Spring-Training-Camp turns iffy reservations into firm commitments and rentals Today!
    3. Flat Rate Fee Program Includes On-going Staff Rental Call Analysis sent via audio file to your staff member and supervisor for discussion. Closing ratios improve dramatically.

    4. Win the Game for New Rentals vs. REITS/Local Competitors, with 'Closing' training that is superior to (PS) (ES) REIT call centers taking non-committal reservations.


  • Google Adwords is a local game that your facility can dominate against the publicly held REITS, with their big advertising budgets. iLead is surprisingly affordable, with a great ROI batting average.
    Your Lead-off hitter will be an infusion of quality geo-targeted PPC leads opening the way to scoring new rentals.

    1. Increased Occupancy with Rapid Refill Program
    2. Spring Training Camp, your staff will learn the Art of Asset Growth,
    with the Increase Maintenance Refill Program featuring 50% reduction of initial lead acquisition cost.
    3. Dramatic Increase in Net Income
    4. Dramatic Increase in Asset Value

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iLead is a boutique Program that dominates the REITS and your local competitors.This domination shows itself dramatically on the result pages of Google and Bing local storage searches. Our PPC platform results in increased performance, accelerated occupancy, and dramatic income growth.

There is a big difference between little league and the Big Leagues. While most marketers concentrates on the clicks, iLead concentrates on the market share, the calls, and the conversions. Explore all the links and pages and it will become clear that iLead dominates the Big Leagues.

Call 'The Sultan of Swat', Cary Coleman at 949 370-3007 for a confidential assessment of your PPC search engine results and income growth.

Home run alumni

The Sultan of Swat

ILead has proven to be a tremendous resource and asset in leading our internet marketing efforts. They have consistently developed and implemented effective PPC marketing strategies that both meet our needs and fit our financial requirements. Thanks to iLead, our internet placement is unparalleled, our phones are consistently ringing and our asset value is increasing from their efforts.

Robert L. Benner, Jr.
SSB Self Storage Brokerage, Inc

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May 15
iLead improves Click Through Rates.
Apr 18
iLead generates CTR four to eight times the national average for storage.
Jan 13
iLead increases PPC call Conversions and closing ratios.

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