P h o t o g r a p h e r & D i r e c t o r

Currently Australian based Photographer / Director Cameron Grayson originally studied Graphic Design at the renowned Swinburne University in Melbourne in the early 90’s. Grayson made the shift to Photography after a few years at Swinburne and furthered his Studies with a B.A of Photography at the Royal Insitute of Technology in the late 90’s. Photography was a very different process then from today as Grayson was taught to process and hand print both colour and black and white film from all camera formats. During his second year at RMIT Grayson started to apprentice himself as an assistant through the ranks of Australian Photographers in Melbourne and Sydney. In Grayson’s final year at R.M.I.T Grayson was selected to represent the College in an International photographic competition held by BMW Munich. Written up in BMW magazine as the next generation of rising international Photographers , Grayson was judged the winner by Legendary Photographers Richard Avedon, Michel Comte, Anton Corbjin and Bettina Rehiems against seven of  the the world’s best photographic colleges. As a result of the BMW prizes Grayson moved to New York at the start of 2000 where he furthered his studies at Parson School of Design and continued to apprentice himself through the ranks of New York photographers.

Assisting the likes of Steven Klien, Francois Nars, Cedric Buchet, Jan Welters, Kayt Jones and finishing his apprenticeship with legendary photographer Max Vadukul as his first assistant for a number of years. During this time he gained valuable experience working on L’Uomo Vogue, Nippon Vogue, Vogue Italia, American Vogue, i-D,  Numero, Yohji Yammamoto, Russian Vogue, and Victoria Secret. These publications and Fashion houses provided Grayson with invaluable experience working along side industry legends such as Nicolletta Santoro, Brana Wolf, Guido, Ward Stegerhoek, Odile Gilbert, Didier Malige, Phophie Mathias, Mary Greenwell Fabian Baron and  AR media.  Towards the end of his assisting career he also found himself assisting Director Tony Kay shooting stills on Tony’s Macey commercials. 

Grayson acquired his first New York agent in 2003 and has been published in a majority of magazines stretching across the globe. His Advertising Campaigns have graced over 64 country’s with billboards in most major cites. In 2008 Grayson moved back to Australia to raise his family and continued to travel with work. Grayson is also a renowned Celebrity portrait photographer gracing various covers and Brand Campaigns. 

As a result of Graysons extensive background he shows great attention to detail with a marriage between design and emotion through technical knowledge and innovation with a cinematic view. Grayson is fortunate to have both background principles which allows him to fuse design and photography. More recently he finds himself utilising all of his backgrounds as a Photographic director which sees him controlling both stills and motion. Even though Grayson has worked on the highest levels he also prides himself on developing young brands and helping them find a international voice with his decades of international insight. With all of this experience on set his work seems effortless and relaxed which disarms any subject and allows his vision to naturally be commanded.